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CTH “PP” construction update

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As of this printing, some of the street lights have been installed by Alliant Energy at the roundabout at CTH “PP” and “A,” but the remaining lights must be installed before the currently closed section of CTH “PP” to Taylor Drive in Sheboygan can be opened. Completion is by the first week of November or sooner.

The roundabout at Highland Drive and CTH “PP” is also expected to be completed by the first week of November or sooner, but street lights will also have to be installed by Alliant at that roundabout.

[See video at end of article]

Please know that Lower Falls Road is NOT open yet.

Though CTH “PP” is a County project, the County has to rely on outside vendors to provide the materials such as concrete, underground cables, street lights, and available labor to install them. Add inclement weather and all these elements can cause delays in construction projects that are beyond the County’s or Village’s control. The completion time-lines should be seen as estimations, not carved in stone.

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