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CTH PP construction under way

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Phase 1 of the CTH PP reconstruction is under way, which encompasses the section of the road from Highland Drive to the I-43 overpass, including the roundabout at the intersection of CTH PP and CTH A.

Phase 1 is expected to be completed by mid- to late June. Phase 2 will encompass the section of PP from the I-43 overpass to just before South Taylor Drive near the area of Esslingen Park. Once Phase 2 is complete, the final phase will begin on the roundabout at the intersection of Highland Drive and PP, approximately in early July. While that intersection is closed, Roosevelt Road will be opened to allow access to and from the south side of the Village via the newly completed CTH PP. Residents will be allowed to drive through the Kohler Co. campus to get to the north side of the Village via Twin Oaks Rd.

Some residents have expressed concern about pedestrians crossing the new roundabout at the Highland and PP intersection. The crossings will actually be in two short 18-foot sections, crossing only one lane of traffic at a time, with a splitter island refuge area between them, and a flashing pedestrian sign. (See diagram below).

The roundabout at the intersection of Highland Dr. and CTH PP will be the final phase, and should be begin approximately early July. CTH PP and CTH A (including the roundabout at that intersection) should be open at that time, with access from Roosevelt Rd.


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