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CTH “PP” and “A” roundabout expected to open first full week of August [Edit: pushed ahead to post-Labor Day]

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Sometime during the first full week of August after Labor Day Kohler Co. associates coming from the south should be able to use CTH “A” to the new roundabout at the CTH “PP” intersection to enter the Kohler Co. campus. CTH “PP” east of the roundabout to Taylor Drive will not be open at that time, however. A short stretch of CTH “PP” between Roosevelt Rd. and the new roundabout will also be open, allowing access to South 1 residents and patrons of Blackwolf Run via Twin Oaks Rd. through the Kohler Co. campus.

Construction of the second roundabout at CTH “PP” and Highland Drive will then begin. The “PP” and Highland Dr. intersection will be closed at that time to approximately early October. School children coming from the South 1 neighborhood will be able to cross CTH “PP” to the new bike trail that will be completed by that time, then cross Highland Dr. With the intersection closed to vehicular access, there should not be traffic issues. Once the roundabout opens, there will be a crossing guard as well as flashing pedestrian signs.

After the roundabout is constructed, pedestrians will use the two crosswalk areas shown on the drawing. Each section of the crossing is 18 feet, with a “rest island” between them. These 18 foot sections are much shorter than the width of a street that pedestrians previously had to cross. There will also be flashing pedestrian signs in place with yellow lights that flash similar to police vehicles, because studies have shown that those types of lights are more noticeable.

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