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COVID-19 update for 9/28

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There were 1,261 people tested for COVID-19 since Friday in Sheboygan County yielding 102 confirmed cases for a percent positive of 8.09%

Active cases are at 192 today from 135 Friday. One more was hospitalized for a current total of 13.

Statewide, the percent positives spiked over the weekend to 22% on Saturday, 28% on Sunday, and back to 22% today, breaking records on all three days. Deaths were down at 7%, 0%, and 2%. State hospitalizations and ICU admissions have continued to climb, with 574 hospitalized, 166 in ICU. Increases are showing up most in the northeast quadrant of the state.

Nationwide, the positivity ratio is still hovering around 5%

Sheboygan County daily percent positives(Hover over bars on graphs below to see numbers)


Below: Click different tracts in Sheboygan County to see numbers of cases for those areas

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