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COVID-19 Realistic Statistics for 8/27

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Sheboygan County percent of tests positive:
Yesterday, the percentage of tests that were returned positive shot up to 11%. There were 10 cases reported on Tuesday, 16 on Wednesday, and 17 today. There are a total of 85 active cases as of today. Four are hospitalized, down from 8. No new deaths. The 60-69 age group had the biggest gain since Tuesday with +9. All Census tract areas now have at least 10 or more cases.

For facility-wide investigations, there are a total of 13 investigations – six at long-term care faculties, one health care facility, four at workplaces, and one a facility referred to as “other.”

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Increases since yesterday by age group:
0-9, (+0)
10-19, (+6 since Tuesday)
20-29, (+7 since Tuesday)
30-39, (+6 since Tuesday)
40-49, (+7 since Tuesday)
50-59, (+3 since Tuesday)
60-69, (+9 since Tuesday)
70-79, (+5 since Tuesday)
80+ (+1 since Tuesday)

Hospitalized: 344
ICU: 107

Below: Click different tracts in Sheboygan County to see numbers of cases for those areas

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