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COVID-19 Realistic Statistics for 8/13, County trending down, while state and nation bounce up again

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Sheboygan County: Since yesterday, 515 tests were returned with 8 positive for a percentage of 1.55%. County cases have been trending down since the July 30 mask mandate went into effect.

There 14 active facility-wide investigations – 7 in long-term care facilities, 1 healthcare investigation, 5 workplace investigations, and 1 “other” which can include adult and child daycare centers, restaurants, event spaces and religious settings.

The skilled nursing long-term care facilities with active investigations include Pine Haven-Haven Drive Campus, Sheboygan Senior Community, Progressive Health Services, Sunny Ridge, Rocky Knoll

The 50-59 group had the highest increase again at +3.

On the Census tract map, the tract covering the City of Sheboygan Falls has turned a darker red, indicating it has surpassed 50 cases. The Kohler/Town of Sheboygan tract is one case away from turning dark red.

Statewide and nationally, numbers are up

(Hover over bars on graphs below to see numbers)

County statistics:
Total Confirmed Case Count- 826 (+7)
Active Cases 103 (-9)
Recovered Cases 715 (+16)
Hospitalized: 4 (-2)
Deaths 8 (+0)
Negative Tests Reported to Public Health 23,182 (+135)

Increases since yesterday by age group:
0-9, (+0)
10-19, (+0)
20-29, (+1)
30-39, (+1)
40-49, (+1)
50-59, (+3)
60-69, (+1)
70-79, (+0)
80+ (+0)

Percent positive tests: 8% (up from yesterday’s 5%)
Hospitalized: 387 yesterday, up from 364 the previous day
ICU: 113 yesterday (+2 from the previous day)
Deaths: 7 (up from 5 yesterday)

Nation: Cases are decreasing, but deaths jumped yesterday. According to John Hopkins, the U.S. is at 165,510. There is some lag time between cases and deaths, so if cases keep falling, we would expect to see death rates decreasing as well in the new few weeks.

Below: Click different tracts in Sheboygan County to see numbers of cases for those areas

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