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COVID-19 Realistic Statistics for 8/12, shortage of testing supplies

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Sheboygan County: Since yesterday, 140 tests were returned with 5 positive for a percentage of 3.57%.

According to the Sheboygan County Division of Public Health, health care providers are reporting that they are receiving fewer COVID-19 testing supplies. National testing supplies are being diverted to other priority areas within the US. This may lead to positive cases appearing to be lower than they actually are, as fewer people will be able to get tested. Those with symptoms should get tested and isolate while waiting for results. Testing information can be found here.

The 50-59 group had the highest increase again at +2.

Positive cases statewide today are at 5% – the same as yesterday. Deaths are down to 5 reported today

Nationally, it’s difficult to find daily data for deaths in the U.S., but various reports show a jump in deaths yesterday from between 1,300-1,500.

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Other County statistics:
Total Confirmed Case Count- 819 (+5)
Active Cases 112 (-12)
Recovered Cases 699 (+17)
Hospitalized: 6 (+0)
Deaths 8 (+0)
Negative Tests Reported to Public Health 23,182 (+135)

Increases since yesterday by age group:
0-9, (+0)
10-19, (+0)
20-29, (+1)
30-39, (+1)
40-49, (+0)
50-59, (+2)
60-69, (+1)
70-79, (+0)
80+ (+0)

Percent positive: 5% (same as yesterday)
Hospitalized: 364 yesterday, down from 414 the previous day
ICU: 111 yesterday (down from 119 the previous day)
Deaths: 5 (down from 8 yesterday)

Nation: Cases are decreasing, but deaths jumped yesterday. According to John Hopkins, the U.S. is at 165,510. There is some lag time between cases and deaths, so if cases keep falling, we would expect to see death rates decreasing as well in the new few weeks.

Below: Click different tracts in Sheboygan County to see numbers of cases for those areas

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