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COVID-19 Realistic Statistics, 8/10

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Sheboygan County: Since Friday, 273 tests were returned with 8 positive for a percentage of 2.93%. There were +14 reported on Saturday, +12 on Sunday, and +19 today. The age group with the highest increase since Friday is the 20-29 group which is at 189. Another Census tract in the City of Sheboygan has gone over 50 cases, putting it in the dark red color on the Census tract map (at end of article).

(Hover over bars on graphs below to see numbers)

Other County statistics:
Total Confirmed Case Count- 804 (+45)
Active Cases 145 (+9)
Recovered Cases 651 (+36)
Hospitalized: 6 (+4)
Deaths 8 (+0)
Negative Tests Reported to Public Health 22,561 (+228)

State – as of 8/9
Percent positive: 8%
Hospitalized: 338
ICU: 108
Deaths: 2

Nation: Deaths were 1,249, slightly down from yesterday

Below: Click different tracts in Sheboygan County to see numbers of cases for those areas

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