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COVID-19 Realistic Statistics, 7/28

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Sheboygan County
According to today’s report from the Sheboygan County Division of Public Health and Human Services, 238 returned test results yielded 18 positives. That puts Sheboygan County at 7.56% for today.

The largest increase (+5) was in a small the Census tract area in Sheboygan surrounding the Erie and 14th Street intersection. There was one more hospitalization.

Wisconsin’s percent positive was down to 5%, but deaths shot back up to 13.

Nationwide, deaths were back up at 1,126 after two days in the 500s. Total deaths topped 150,000,

Sources: state and Sheboygan County Division of Public Health and Human Services. National data provided by the CDC.

Percent positive (below) in Sheboygan County compares number of tests returned and how many of them came back positive, to give a more realistic picture of the trend. (You want to see more yellow than blue).


Percent positive (below) in Wisconsin  shows  state  trend.

Daily death counts in Wisconsin


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