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COVID-19 has sparked DIY home renovation

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Results from a nationwide survey by Kelton on behalf of
vipHomeLink – a home management app that helps homeowners organize, maintain and improve their homes – focused on the homeowner mindset during self-quarantine. The survey of 569 American homeowners ages 18 and over shows that while the majority of homeowners, 63 percent, think it’s important to maintain their home regularly and stay on top of upkeep, 46 percent admit that their home needs some extra TLC, with a growing list of repairs and projects they would love to accomplish.

One need only head to local home improvement stores for confirmation of the survey results showing that homeowners in the Midwest, including those in Wisconsin, also intend to use this unprecedented pause due to COVID-19 to improve their homes:

  • In the Midwest, 27% approach home maintenance with an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it mentality”
  • 48% view this period as an opportunity to get caught up on projects around the house
  • 45% intend to tackle things they’ve been putting off

More specific data includes:

  • 39% of women have a growing list of repairs and improvements they’d like to accomplish
  • 30% of men forget to do things that need to be taken care of around the house
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