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County reports highest number of positive COVID-19 test results in 24-hour period

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The Sheboygan County Division of Health Services reported today that 11 of the 110 test results for COVID-19 received in the past 24 hours came back positive. That’s the most number of positive cases reported in 24 hours since the County began reporting on March 12.

Today’s numbers bring the cumulative total of positive cases to 142. Two have recovered, bringing the total recovered to 100. There are currently 38 active cases (an increase of nine since yesterday).

Positive cases have been inching up for the past four days, after the County reported only four new cases from a record number of 574 tests returned on June 8. That batch included 325 tests from a long-term care facility where all staff and residents were tested. There are currently no active cases in any of the long-term facilities in Sheboygan County.

The 20-39 age group has seen the most significant increase in positive tests, currently at 44. They have surpassed all other age groups, with the 40-59 age group close behind with 43 positive results. A fourth death was reported this week from that age group. Ages 60-79 are at 37 cases, and both the 80+ and 0-19 age group are at nine positive cases.

Some question whether the increase in positive cases is due to an increase in testing. The graph below, based on the County’s updates, seems to indicate that testing has been decreasing for the past three days, while positive cases have slightly increased. It’s unknown when these 11 new cases became infected, however, as symptoms can appear up to 14 days after infection, and some may not get tested until after several days of experiencing symptoms.

Today’s status update from the County said that the increase in positive cases is due to community spread, positives from group gatherings, within families, in workplaces, and any place where people are having close contact with others as the economy is being opened back up. The County asks for vigilance in handwashing, social distancing, limiting the number of people in close contact, and wearing masks in public spaces.

Statewide, positive cases have been remaining reasonably steady, with around 2-4% of those tested coming back positive. Sheboygan County has been a series of peaks and valleys in its percentages since the beginning of May (see percentages graph below).

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