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County PP reconstruction updates to be presented at public meeting, May 2

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The County PP reconstruction project continues to evolve, according to Brett Edgerle, Public Works Superintendent for the Village.

Members of the Sheboygan County Transportation and Planning & Conservation Departments, Village of Kohler, and Kohler Co. have coordinated with the design engineer to review the comments provided at the November Project Information Meeting (PIM) and make appropriate changes based on some of those comments and other design considerations. The design is now 100% complete and construction is scheduled to begin the week of May 8, 2018.

The significant change made to the plans since November, is the addition of a roundabout at Highland Drive. At the PIM, a number of concerns were brought forward regarding safety at that intersection. Based on those comments and a number of additional factors, the design team reviewed a number of alternatives and eventually chose a roundabout. The design team felt it was the best route forward considering the 30-50 year lifespan of the project.

  • Roundabouts provide an overall safer intersection.The roundabout is designed for speeds of 10-15 mph vs. the 25-35 mph or more the existing signal allows on green.
  • The roundabout will efficiently handle more traffic volume than the originally proposed four-way stop, reducing the average delay at the intersection.
  • Roundabouts tend to be more aesthetically pleasing with less pavement and more landscaping.
  • Versus the current configuration, where a pedestrian has to cross four lanes of traffic at once, and versus the 30% plan configuration, where a pedestrian would have to cross three lanes of traffic at once, the roundabout design will allow a pedestrian to only cross one lane of traffic at a time (the current crossing guard will remain and pedestrian activated warning beacons will be installed as a further safety enhancement).
  • Air pollution is reduced through less idling activity. Any who would like to review and learn more about the 100% plans and the construction schedule are invited to attend a public information meeting scheduled for May 2, 2018 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. at the Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive. Representatives from Sheboygan County, the Village of Kohler, Kohler Co. and the design engineer will be in attendance to answer any questions.
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