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Christmas in July for Kohler Schools music department!

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Submitted by Kohler Schools
Kohler Schools music department was visited by the Heid Music Santa on July 11. Thank you to all our donors and the Kohler Foundation for making our new piano possible for the Kohler choir room. We are also excited to announce that with the help of Kohler Schools and Heid Music we were not only able to get a new piano for the choir room but we also got a new piano for the general music classroom! Another special thank you for Heid Music for honoring the Yamaha warranty and replacing Mr T’s upright piano as well. THREE new pianos and we are so thankful! Come check out our new pianos at the 2018 Sneak Peak on Wednesday, August 29th.

New Steinway Model M Grand Piano for the Choir Room. From left: Wendy Kukla (general music), Rich Tengowski (instrumental music), Eva Stokes (choral music), Quynh Trueblood (superintendent), Debbie Ansems (Heid Music).
New Essex Grand Piano for the general music classroom.
Replacement Yamaha piano for the band room.


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