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Capitol ceremony celebrates 2017-18 Wisconsin Title I Schools of Recognition

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MADISON — State Superintendent Tony Evers praised Kohler Elementary for being among 135 schools in the state that received Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition honors for the 2017-18 school year during a special May 21 ceremony at the State Capitol in Madison.

Evers welcomed, from left: Lisa Greene and Laurie Turner, to the recognition event. The state superintendent recognized 24 High-Achieving schools and 40 High-Progress schools; 11 schools earned both High-Achieving and High-Progress honors.  Kohler Elementary has  earned this award for a third consecutive year.

 “Partnerships among teachers, parents, administrators, school staff members, and the community contribute to the academic success of students in schools that receive this honor,” Evers said.

Interventionist, Laurie Turner stated, “This award is a testament to the tenacity of our elementary staff, who constantly work to find the best way for each student to learn; to the support of our community, which has invested in high quality resources to facilitate teaching and learning; and to the determination of our young learners, who are learning to be persistent when faced with challenges.”

“We are so honored to be recognized as a High-Achieving school for 3 consecutive years. The teachers and students have worked very hard to ensure we see growth in all students,” said Lisa Greene, Kohler Elementary Principal.

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