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Bryce Bonack wins Kohler Schools’ National Geography Bee

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Submitted by Rebecca Wojciehowski, National Geography Bee Coordinator

Bryce Bonack, a fourth grader in Ms. D’Amico’s class, is one step closer to winning a college scholarship after winning the school-level competition for the National Geography Bee on February 4, 2020. Bryce competed against nine other contestants – two from each grade level in fourth through eighth grade.

The school-level Bee, at which students answered oral and written questions on geography, was the first round in the annual National Geography Bee, which is sponsored by Google.

Thekick-offfor thisyear’sBeewas inlatefall,withthousands of schools aroundtheUS, Districtof Columbia,andfiveU.S. territoriesparticipating.Theschoolwinners, including Bryce,willnow takeawrittentest, in which up to100 of thetopscorers ineachstateandterritorywillbe eligibletocompeteintheirstateBee.

The National Geographic Society developed the National Geography Bee in response to a growing concern about the lack of geographic knowledge among young people in the United States.

Anyone can brush up on geography with GeoBee Challenge, an online geography quiz at, which poses five new questions per day from previous National Geographic Bees.

The National Geographic Society is the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organization. Founded in 1888, the Society reflects the world through magazines, books, maps, television, and interactive media.

Congratulations to Bryce for his fine performance in the school-level Bee, and to the following students for winning their class level competitions:

4th Grade – Bryce Bonack and William (Gippy) DeJardin
5th grade – Stephano Chierzi and Mitchell Ryan
6th grade – Aidan Schueller and Fynley Bouck
7th grade – Rachel Yetzer and Aidan Case
8th grade – Cole Brandemuhl and Daniel Walter

Bryce should be finding out sometime in March if he qualifies for the state level competition. Good Luck Bryce!!

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