Board of Education Regular Meeting – September 10, 2018

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Call to Order

Sharon Reilly called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. in the Kohler Public Library.  Carl Nonhof called roll.  The following board members were present:  Sharon Reilly, John Horneck, Jane Bishop, Carl Nonhof and Zach Pethan.

Statement of Public Notice

September 7, 2018

Approval of Agenda

Dr. Bishop moved to approve the agenda. Mr. Nonhof seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Time to Share

Matt Bayens and Ken Roeder presented.  Social/Emotional curriculum and “Tribes” are used in the middle school in order to help develop the entire individual.

Strategic Plan Annual Progress Report

Quynh Trueblood reported that 83% of the action steps have been completed.  Two new priorities will be added at the October board meeting.

Interscholastic Athetic Report

Joe Hildebrand presented the 2017-2018 athletic season summary.  Fifty-five student athletes earned all conference; twenty-one individual student athletes advanced to WIAA State; four student athletes are participating in athletics at the college level.

Board President’s Report

Time to Shine will be on the agenda at every board meeting to celebrate what happens in the classroom.

Superintendent’s Report (Quynh Trueblood)

Opening a New School Year

Students and staff are off and running! We are very glad to be back in business. Thank you to Sharon Riley, Jane Bishop, and Zach Pethan for attending the luncheon with new staff. Thanks also the Kohler School Friends for hosting the welcome back luncheon and announcing the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Holiday Craft Fair this November. The Kohler School Foundation also welcomed the staff back to school and announced the key up for Fall Follies in October. The Golden Rules for building a security minded culture at Kohler Schools is in effect.  Thanks to the Kohler Police for launching their presence this year.  I thank everyone for doing their part in keeping Kohler Schools safe and secure.

Library Security Task Force Update

The Library Task Force will bring forth its recommendations to the school board and library board in October.

Student Enrollment Projections Update

With the residential development agreement in place, the administration will illustrate the project timeline and related data points for projecting student enrollment impact. This new information will be added to the annual enrollment review leading up to board’s approval of open enrollment seats in January.

Ebben Field Master Plan Update

Following the board’s approval of the plan, the district shared the plan with the Village and Kohler Co. to inform and develop new understandings between the members of the Golden Triangle. The feedback is resulting in working on a clearer understanding of how tennis and baseball are presently operating along with future planning in the community as a whole with residential development, youth programs, Village recreation programs, and Sports Core facilities and programs.

Elementary Principal Report (Lisa Greene)

We have had a great start to the school year!  I want to thank the Kohler School Friends for the wonderful notes they put on student lockers to greet them on the first day! It is such sweet gesture that was so appreciated by the students and teachers.  It set such a wonderful, positive atmosphere.

We will continue our focus on Kindness this year. We will set monthly goals for our students and will be led by our newly formed Student Leadership Kindness Crew.

We will continue our 4th and 5th grade safety patrol program.  This program is very successful with high interest.  The students are able to demonstrate some wonderful leadership qualities through their participation.

MS-HS Principal Report (Timothy Brown)

School has begun and there is a noticeable energy in the building that is contagious for all.

Kohler Middle School

Middle School has gotten off to a fast start. To build the groundwork of high achievement, we must first focus on community building.  Our Bomber Pride kickoff went well, the team and day at Kohler-Andrae State Park was highly successful thanks to our involved staff.  They have been infusing the Tribes language into their classrooms and a curriculum for teaching social and emotional learnings.

Kohler High School

The high school has had a busy first four days also.  Starting new routines, meeting new and seeing old faces is truly what makes Kohler High a great school.  We met with the Challenge Success Fall 2018 team today, parents, students and staff.  I wish to thank the United Way for supporting this effort and Quynh Trueblood for helping tie her vision of School-Life Balance she instituted years ago.

Both schools will be introduced to STOP!T this week, September 10-14.  STOP!T is a mobile app that allows students to instantly and anonymously report inappropriate and criminal behavior.  Schools depend upon the individuals within their communities to speak up in order to keep people safe.  In order to get the kind of insight that can make a difference, we need to meet our students where they are, online.  STOPit will instantly and anonymously connect students to the principal in an anonymous two-way communication. Most importantly, we believe STOPit will be a powerful deterrent – in that people may start thinking twice before making a bad decision. STOPit is helping create safer places for our students to learn.

Review of District Finances

The finance committee met on Septebmer 6, 2018.  There are no new developments at this time.

Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of August 13, 2018 regular board meetingminutes
  2. Approval of Invoices
  3. Report of the Finance committee
    1. Recommendation to approve the funding of the Kohler Memorial Theatre project in the amount of $1,000,000.
    2. Recommendation to approve the District Administrator’s authority to devise a payment schedule for the Kohler Memorial Theatre project
  4. Report of the Committee of the Whole
    1. Recommendation to bring the Kohler Memorial Theatre project to the Finance Committee
    2. Discussion of the superintendent evaluation tool and goals

Dr. Bishop moved to approve the consent agenda.  Mr. Horneck seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Action and/or Discussion Items

Approve funding of the Kohler Memorial Theatre project in the amount of $1,000,000 as recommended by the finance committee

Dr. Bishop moved to approve the funding for the Kohler Memorial Theatre project in the amount of $1,000,000.  Mr. Horneck seconded the motion.  Discussion was held.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Approve the District Administrator’s authority to devise a payment schedule for the Kohler Memorial Theatre project as recommended by the finance committee

Mr. Horneck move to approve the District Administrator’s authority to devise a payment schedule for the Kohler Memorial Theatre project.  Mr. Pethan seconded the motion. A lively discussion was held.  Four ayes (Mr. Horneck, Mrs. Reilly, Mr. Pethan & Mr. Nonhof), one nay (Dr. Bishop).  Motion carried.

Adjourn to closed session to consider employment, contracts and performance-related information for employees over which the school board has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1) (c).  Dr. Bishop moved to adjourn into closed session.  Mr. Nonhof seconded the motion. Mr. Nonhof took a roll call vote: Mr. Pethan- aye, Mr. Horneck-aye, Dr. Bishop-aye, Mrs. Reilly-aye, Mr. Nonhof-aye.

  1. Student issue
  2. Superintendent evaluation tool
  3. Superintendent goals


Dr. Bishop moved to adjourn. Mr. Horneck seconded the motion. All ayes. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


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