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Board of Education Regular Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2017

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Steve called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. in the Kohler Public Library. John Horneck called roll. The following board members were present:  Steve Cassady, Sharon Reilly, and John Horneck. Chad Hamilton entered at 5:35 p.m.

Statement of Public Notice

September 8, 2017

Approval of Agenda

Sharon moved to approve the agenda. John seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Superintendent’s Report (Quynh Trueblood)

Board Appointment

I am pleased to have Dr. Jane Bishop here with us tonight. We are fortunate for Dr. Bishop’s renewed interest in serving on the school board. I have great respect for Dr. Bishop’s lifework in education and her experience on the school board member and as past president.

New School Year Launch

From walkabouts and talking with teachers, there is freshness and focus on teaching and learning.  We are working hard and enjoying our work and it shows. New biology teacher Mary Eldridge started the year immersing students in a sophisticated crime scene forensic experience. New tech. education teacher Bob Bruch has 41 student sign up for engineering club! Our oars are in the water and we are in stride.


We are inviting parents for a special event on Sept 19. Screenagers probes into the realities of and struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from author and brain scientists, solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world.  I extend my thanks to Shelly Horneck and Tim Brown for their collaboration to bring this important education for parents to our community.

Student Enrollment

Official student enrollment takes place on September 15. We are not taking for granted the key work by Rebecca Remberg to collect the count, Paula Anderson to report the count, and Matt Kautzer for conducting the financial analysis to prepare the annual budget.

Ebben Field Project

Pending good weather and a tight construction and production schedule, the project could be completed for the first soccer playoff game on October 18.  Progress is on-schedule.

Mental Health Education

I applaud the school counselors and principals for their collaboration on a successful grant from the United Way for mental health education. The grant totaled over 40K and represents proof of our commitment to social emotional education.

Kohler School Foundation Support

I look forward to sharing the developing proposal tonight. This year’s proposal is unique in that a large portion of the items came from the teachers. Each item in the proposal directly seeks to achieve the district’s strategic priorities. With the foundation’s continued support, students are learning and growing more each day.

MS-HS Principal Report (Timothy Brown)

The Kohler Middle and High School had a productive beginning to the school year. Both schools welcomed students back with an energy and enthusiasm that was infectious to everyone in the community.  Both schools held a positive kickoff to the school year and generated positive momentum.

September will be a busy month. The 8th grade will be engaged in a Kindness and Leadership Retreat on September 19, along with our showing of Screenagers that evening in the Kohler Memorial Theatre. The final week of September will be Homecoming week. Interspersed through all of this is our various fall athletics team competitions as well as clubs in full swing.

Our staff is busy also. They are working on refining their craft through their professional and school-wide goals. The next few months we will be exploring best practices through student engagement. This is fully in-line with our Literacy Focus (Read, Write, Discuss) as well as Hattie’s Best Practices and Charlotte Danielson Domain 3B: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques. An engaged student body leads to increased achievement and skill development as well as a decrease in office discipline referrals.

Elementary Principal Report (Lisa Greene)

We have had a great start to the school year! I want to thank the Kohler School Friends for the wonderful notes they put on student lockers to greet them on the first day! That was an amazingly sweet gesture that was so appreciated by the students and teachers. It set such a wonderful, positive atmosphere.

I had the great pleasure of giving 127 former Kohler graduates a tour of our beautiful school. I believe the oldest touring alumni was 87 years old and graduated in 1948. The majority of the alumni had not been in our building for over 50 years, so they were quite amazed by the changes to our learning environment! They were most fascinated with the Smart Boards. I heard the most amazing stories and learned a lot about our school from them.

Kelly DeAmico filled out a Meemic Foundation Grant and the Elementary School was awarded $1000 Grant for classroom and school supplies. She also filled out a Scholastic Grant and was awarded $500 for books for her classroom.

We were not able to fill the morning playground supervision position. The teachers will be picking up the morning duty on a rotating schedule. Because of this, we needed to change the morning bell to 7:55. We have had 3 days with the 7:55 bell now, and teachers are reporting that they are still able to begin instruction by 8:05 as they have in the past. I will be sending out a notice to this slight change to parents in the near future.


Curriculum Report:

No report.


Assessment Report:

Sept. 28th will be the SECURE RELEASE of The Accountability Report cards: This  preliminary report provides schools and districts with an opportunity to review their embargoed report card data, and initiate an inquiry if needed. The final redacted report cards will be released for public view in Late October or perhaps even early November.

Consent Agenda

Approval of August 28, 2017 Regular Board minutes

Approval of Invoices

Chad moved to approve the consent agenda.  John seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Review of District Finances

The State Legislature continues to review the Governor’s budget proposal. Debate is ongoing between the Senate, Assembly, and Joint Finance Committee with the goal of having a state budget. The 3rd Friday Count is September 15, 2017.  We will use those numbers to help finalize the 2017-2018 budget.

Action and/or Discussion Items

Candidate Interviews

Sharon Reilly nominated Jane Bishop to the board of education. John Horneck seconded the motion. Ballots were cast. The board voted unanimously to elect Jane to the board of education.

Kohler School Foundation Proposal

Chad Hamilton moved to approve the Kohler School Foundation proposal for the 2017-2018 school year. Sharon Reilly seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.


Steve adjourned the meeting at 6:58 p.m.

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