Board of Education Regular Meeting August 13, 2018

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Call to Order
Sharon Reilly called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. in the Kohler Public Library.  Carl Nonhof called roll.  The following board members were present:  Sharon Reilly, John Horneck, Jane Bishop, Carl Nonhof and Zach Pethan.

Statement of Public NoticeAugust 10, 2018

Approval of Agenda
Dr. Bishop moved to approve the agenda. Mr. Horneck seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Board President’s Report
Congratulations to Quynh for the article in District Administration magazine on being selected for the article, Portrait of a Leader.  The article emphasized her continued commitment and leadership in emphasizing SEL. There are a few structural changes to the agenda.

Starting in September at each BOE there will be a “Time to Shine” an opportunity for students and teachers to briefly share (2-3 min) growth and learning as it relates to one of the priorities of the Strategic Plan.

Priority I Maximize Achievement and Growth for Each Student

Priority II Create Applied Learning Experiences that Engage our Community and Inspire Students to Acquire Valuable Life Skills

Priority III Foster a Positive and Safe School Climate that Supports the Social Emotional Learning of Students

Priority IV Attract, Develop, and Retain Highly Effective Staff .

Priority V Enhance Effective Communication with Stakeholders .

Priority VI Enhance Our Technology Enabled Learning Environment

At each BOE an update will be given on one of the Priorities.

Future meeting date tbd so all board members can hear a presentation of the renovation plans for Kohler Memorial Theatre.

Safety is an important concern and much has been done to improve upon the security of our building and ensure on a positive and safe school climate.

Superintendent’s Report (Quynh Trueblood)

Student Enrollment
Tonight the board will review enrollment information and consider approving additional open enrollment seats for the year.  The number of recommended additional seats come with confidence following the completion of the new online registration process. The first year launch delivered a 94% completion rate v. 35% in prior years.  The team behind this critical improvement includes: Rebecca Remberg – Registrar, Paula Anderson, OE Officer,  Matt Kautzer, Business Manager, Cindy Payne, Project Manager, Nate Miller, IT Coordinator, and Lynn Vander Schaaf, Administrative Assistant.

Ready for the New School Year
A strong start leads to a strong finish.  And so we are making a strong start with new staff orientation, faculty and staff pre-session, ready facilities and technology, and a front and center message: Everyone on board to build a security minded culture.

Kohler School Foundation and Kohler Village Fund
We are beyond fortunate for the financial support from the Kohler School Foundation and the Kohler Village Fund to the United Way and Mental Health America to advance the district’s priorities. Proposals from the school target two strategic priorities:

  • Create Applied Learning Experiences that Engages our Community and Inspire Students to Acquire Valuable Life Skills
  • Foster a Positive and Safe School Climate that Supports the Social Emotional Learning of Students

School Safety and Security
Chief Rutten and the administration attended the first joint conference training by the the WI Police Chiefs Association sponsored by the WI Dept of Justice Training & Standards Bureau and WI Attorney Brad Schimel. Schimel made to important remarks:

1) WI is leading in the nation to make schools safer with a $100 M School Safety Grant. $55 M was awarded in Round 1 and $45 M remaining for Round 2.

2) WI school leaders are making schools safer – having exerted enormous energy in completing the applications and receiving grant awards in breakneck time.

The district will  complete the application for round 2 for an additional $10,000.

The critical takeaway for Kohler Schools is preparing for event reunification. Chief Rutten and the administration will have more to report. To come: We build it, test it, practice it, and make it better.

The Sheboygan County SWAT Team conducted a drill on school campus. They focused on room clearing technique and become more familiar to the building’s configuration.

Library Security Task Force is vetting three options to address the security gap identified in the formal preliminary security assessment.

Elementary Principal Report (Lisa Greene)
The elementary teachers are already hard at work getting ready for the year. We are looking forward to sneek peek and the children coming back into the school where they bring energy and life back into our building!

At the elementary school, we will continue our kindness movement and add to our 30,000 documented acts of kindness. I am so excited to see where this movement leads us.  This year we will be adding an empathy focus into our kindness movement.

MS-HS Principal Report (Timothy Brown)
This is an exciting time for us to begin to welcome back students and getting ready to “rock”. We are rested and rejuvenated and it’s time to get back to our passion: kids.

School Safety

School Safety is high on our list of priorities.  We are dedicated to safe and sound schools.  We are in the process of developing a series of age-appropriate lessons for our students.  We will communicate with parents the specifics of all plans that we are developing and look to them as a sounding board for feedback.

Kohler Middle School

The Middle School will be spending the next two weeks focusing on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), of which we started during the 2017-18 school year with Screenagers, staff Mindset study and our work with Mental Health America.  August 14-15 the Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team will be at the statewide conference and during August 20-21 the Middle School team will be trained in Tribes Learning Community.  The Tribes process is designed to assure the healthy development of every child so that each one has the knowledge, skills and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world.   Finally, the last large piece of our SEL curriculum is the instructional piece.  Our 6th grade staff will be using Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence and our 7th and 8th grade advisors will be using Second Step Suite.  Both of these curriculums will integrate not only social and emotional learning, but also character development, drug and bullying prevention, and service-learning for positive youth development. The program helps create a school and classroom environment that promotes the positive student behaviors that lead to greater academic success.

Kohler High School

Our High School is also heavily engaged in SEL, but our work started last year and will continue this year with the Challenge Success program.  We will be sending a team in September to work with the Challenge Success staff and will use the 2018-19 school year to build our program.  The high school remains dedicated to academic success and will continue to focus on literacy instruction, the ability to read, write, and discuss both in and across content areas as well as improve on our Academic and Career planning processes developed for the 2017-18 school year.

District Curriculum Report
We were so excited to once again send some teachers to the Wisconsin Summer Math Institute in Mequon this year.  Seven teachers requested to attend this training again, and the feedback has been just as positive on the second round as it was last year.

We also had 6 elementary teachers attend the Summer Literacy Institute hosted by the Howard’s Grove School District to learn more about Reading best practices.

We will continue our Understanding by Design Framework Professional Development for the 2018-19 school year. We will move our work into phase 2, where we look at ensuring that we have a  balanced assessment framework and look at how to best assess each standard that we teach.

United Way 2018-2019 proposal for mental health initiatives
Quynh presented the proposal.  The funding has been approved by United Way.

Kohler School Foundation 2018-2019 proposal
Quynh presented the proposal to the school board.  She will present the proposal to the Kohler School Foundation at the September meeting.

Review of District Finances
The 2017-18 audit was completed successfully.  2017-18 final budget results were presented.  2018-19 enrollment analysis was presented which incorporated registration data from the enrollment window that ran Aug 1-10.

Consent Agenda
Approval of July 8, 2018 regular board meetingminutes

  1. Approval of Invoices
  2. Reports of the Finance committee
    1. Discussion of 2018-2019 budget

Dr. Bishop moved to approve the consent agenda.  Mr. Horneck seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Action and/or Discussion Items

Approve wait listed open enrollment applications based on actual numbers
Mr. Horneck moved to approve 2 additional open enrollment applications from the wait list in grade 4 where space is available while maintaining at least a 25% cushion from the maximum enrollment for all grades in the elementary school; and approve to open 10 additional enrollment applications with preference for siblings and currently attending students on a lottery basis.  Mr. Pethan seconded the motion.  Discussion was held. All ayes. Motion carried.

Mr. Kautzer randomly selected names from the container of siblings and currently attending students who applied during the open enrollment period (February 4 – April 30).  He then randomly pulled a name from the container of the remaining applications from the open enrollment period.  Ms. Trueblood numbered the pulled names as they were selected.

Resolution to approve the following student academic standards: Wisconsin Academic Standards for mathematics, Wisconsin Academic Standards for science, Wisconsin Academic Standards for English language arts, Wisconsin Academic Standards for social studies, for the 2018-2019 school year, on August 13, 2018, pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 120.12 (13)(b), and adopt the academic standards as Board-adopted standards required by Wisconsin Statute 118.30 (1g)(a)1.”

Dr. Bishop moved to approve the resolution for the 2018-2019 school year.  Mr. Nonhof seconded the motion. Discussion was held.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

Approve the updated emergency response plan
Dr. Bishop moved to approve the updated emergency response plan. Mr. Nonhof seconded the motion.  Discussion was held.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Approve the maternity leave for Jessica Ott, MS-HS art teacher
Dr. Bishop moved to approve the maternity leave for Jessica Ott.  Mr. Nonhof seconded the motion.  Discussion was held. All ayes. Motion carried.

Approve the hire of Derek D’Amico, 4th grade teacher
Mr. Nonhof moved to approve the hire of Derek D’Amico.  Mr. Pethan seconded the motion.  Discussion was held.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Approve the hire of Cherrie Anne Maner, HS biology teacher
Dr. Bishop moved to Cherrie Anne Maner.  Mr. Horneck seconded the motion.  Discussion was held. All ayes. Motion carried.

Accept the generous unrestricted donation from the Ruth DeYoung Kohler foundation in the amount of $32,000
Mr. Nonhof moved to accept the generous unrestricted donation from the Ruth DeYoung Kohler foundation in the amount of $32,000.  Mr. Pethan seconded the motion.  Discussion was held.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Dr. Bishop moved to adjourn. Mr. Horneck seconded the motion. All ayes. The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


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