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Board of Education Regular Meeting January 8, 2018

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Call to Order

Steve called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. in the Kohler Public Library.  John called roll.  The following board members were present:  Steve Cassady, Sharon Reilly, and John Horneck. Jane Bishop was absent. Chad Hamilton entered at 5:36 p.m.

Statement of Public Notice
January 5, 2018

Approval of Agenda

John moved to approve the agenda. Sharon seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Persons Requesting to Address Members of the Board


Board President’s Report

Steve noted the district is preparing for resident growth and its impact on the school district.  The open enrollment policy reflects this future development.

Superintendent’s Report (Quynh Trueblood)

Future planning for the district to live its vision and fulfill its mission:

Frederic and Herb Kohler Trust for Educational Advantage

It was a momentous occasion to hold the first annual meeting of Trustees of the Frederic and Herb Kohler Trust for Educational Advantage. Clarified at the meeting: purpose, beneficiaries, revenue and distribution policy and structure. The Trust is remarkable and extraordinary support for our schools. The district will begin to explore and develop ideas to optimize learning from the revenue. Of high potential is the present tech ed shop space. This space is prime real estate for its size at 6,320 sf (15% of all the total classroom space) and its location at the entrance of the schools.

Kohler Memorial Theater Revitalization Project

The project scope, cost, and schedule could be finalized in the weeks to come.  Improvements will focus on elements within the footprint of the existing theater: athletically welcoming and enlarged lobby, seating, proscenium, acoustics and lighting.  The district is a grateful beneficiary.

Piano Project

The music department began a campaign in November to purchase a new Steinway grand piano that will last another 90 years for music students. The directors are pleased to report $21,500.00 of the $60,000.00 goal has been raised. In picture: over a third of the piano keys are colored green on the campaign progress bar.

The campaign now moves to the community. The collective support of our fine music department is incredible.

Elementary Principal Report (Lisa Greene)

The new morning entry procedure is going well.  Staff has been diligent about supervising the hallways to ensure students get to their classrooms safely.  We have utilized our 5th grade student leaders to help lead the children to their classrooms and provide extra support to the 4K-2 students as they enter the building.  Parents have been very understanding and supportive as we make the necessary morning entry changes for the safety of the children.

Curriculum Report:

Our next Curriculum Professional Development day is Feb. 16.

The 1998 Social Standards are in writing committee at this time and are expected to be released sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.

Assessment Report:

The elementary Standards based grading field test is going well.  The teachers who are working with the system are receiving very positive feedback and are excited to continuing to move forward with this. We will be moving forward with the addition of the ELA standards.

A full data presentation will be on the February agenda to share out our state accountability data.

MS-HS Principal Report (Timothy Brown)

High School/Middle School

Our students and staff are excited and focused on the end of a successful first semester.  Students are in a buzz with regards to finishing their coursework.

Within that excitement we have two outstanding announcements regarding our faculty and students.  Mr. Matthew Bayens and student Cecelia Zielke have been named a one of fifteen student-teacher teams to earn the Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Albert H. Small Student and Teacher Institute The Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom® Albert H. Small Student & Teacher Institute takes students and teachers on the journey of a lifetime to explore WWII history through the life of a Silent Hero who is memorialized in the Normandy American Cemetery. This program is made possible through the generous support of Mr. Albert H. Small.

Further, High School Counselor Ms. Christine Voice will be one of four counselors being awarded the school counselor of the year award at the Wisconsin School Counseling Association conference in February.   She is also the president-elect of WACAC which is the Wisconsin Association of College Admission Counseling.

The administration and counseling departments have had the mentally stimulating discussions surrounding the philosophical approaches to our academic curriculum.  We are busy building the framework for our three new classes.  Ms. Diane Godlewski worked to create a success plan for Computer Science and we are excited to work with Dr. Brylow from Marquette.  Moreover, we are focused on creating a STEM learning space in our building through the Education Advantage Trust.  On the Social-Emotional side, Ms. Christine Voice has been focused on Challenge Success, a framework for creating a healthy, engaged students and stronger schools.

Proposal for Dr. Kenneth Ginsberg to be a guest speaker to discuss social/emotional education in the KHS

Christine Voice presented.  More information will be given at the committee of the whole meeting held on January 29, 2018.

Review of District Finances

The finance committee will meet on Friday, January 26, 2018.

Consent Agenda

Approval of December 11, 2017 minutes

Approval of Invoices

Reports of the Finance committee

Recommendation to the committee of the whole to approve Option A for open enrollment seats for the 2018-2019 school year.

Reports of the Committee of the Whole

Recommendation to the full board to approve Option A for open enrollment seats for the 2018-2019 school year.

Chad moved to approve the consent agenda.  Sharon seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Action and/or Discussion Items

Approve the open enrollment seats available for the 2018-2019 school year as recommended by the committee of the whole and the finance committee

John moved to approve the open enrollment seats available for the 2018-2019 school year based on a 25% cushion in the elementary school, a 15% cushion in the middle school and a 10% cushion in the high school as recommended by the committee of the whole and the finance committee.  Sharon seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion carried.


Chad moved to adjourn. John seconded the motion. All ayes. Steve adjourned the meeting at 6:30 p.m.


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