Athletes and Activities Students of the week for September 28

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ACTIVITY                        STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Student Council     Evan Udovich                        Responsibility

Evan did an awesome job making sure homecoming posters were done and has kept everything organized for the week of Homecoming fun.


ACTIVITY                      STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Cross Country        Cecelia Zielke                        Achievement

Cecelia Zielke placed 12th at the Sheboygan County meet was the first girl finisher for Kohler. She was also the 1st Kohler female to finish at the Lourdes Invite with a 26th place finish among all division 2 and 3 runners.                                      

  • Max Holmes           Achievement                        

Max provides overall leadership during practice and at meets. He finished 4th at the Sheboygan County Invite and place 21st at the Oshkosh Lourdes Invite.


ACTIVITY                         STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Football-Varsity      Trent Stock                           Commitment

Trent serves as a captain for the 2018 Varsity Football team. Trent is a versatile and dynamic middle linebacker and he shows his commitment to the team by playing offensive line for the team. Trent could easily play fullback or tight end on offense but he is committed to the overall success of the team, so he willingly plays offensive line because he knows it what is best for the overall success of the team. Mr. Stock shows his commitment to the KLC program by doing whatever it takes to put his teammates in the best position to succeed on the field.


ACTIVITY                       STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Soccer-Varsity        Tyler Ruminski                      Achievement

Tyler has played an important role in helping the Soccer team achieve the success we have thus far this season. Not only is Tyler an important part of our defense, but he continues to find a way to make a positive impact in our BIGGEST games. Not only did he score the game winning goal in the final minutes of play Vs St. Lawrence Seminary, he did the same two weeks later against Conference rival Howards Grove. In both instances, Tyler took the initiative to influence the game and secure a come-from-behind victory for his team.

  • Soccer-JV              Ethan Pierce                         Determination

Ethan struggle through the early part of the season with some pain believed to be the result of an injury he incurred last year. Turns out he had a broken bone that would end his 2018 season. While disappointed, Ethan shifted his focus to how he could best help the team despite his injury. Ethan attends every practice and game, helping the coaches organize drills, arrange pre-game warm-ups, and taking care of scorekeeping. He does it all with a smile on his face and always ready to offer a word of encouragement or support to his teammates. Even though he can’t take the field, he is showing what it means to be part of a team and a great teammate.


ACTIVITY                      STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Swim & Dive          Ashley Thyes                        Determination

Ashley has shown tremendous efforts in the pool as well as being a leader. She is able to push herself as well as motivate her teammates to push themselves.


ACTIVITY                   STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Tennis                    Elly Udovich                         Achievement

Senior Elly Udovich is being recognized for her outstanding achievements in Girls Tennis. Elly is finishing her high school tennis career on a hot streak, running up her season record to 23-1, helping the Bombers win their third consecutive EWC Championship. Elly is Co-Captain,  plays #1 doubles and is looking to make her 3rd straight trip to WIAA State. Elly is a two-time Sectional Champion and has not lost a conference match during her high school career.


ACTIVITY                        STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Volleyball-JV          Nicole                       Responsibility

Nicole is being recognized for being a strong leader on and off the court. Nicole is our starting JV setter and team captain. Nicole’s calm but confident leadership style has helped the team maintain focus during our matches and our practices. She is always willing to help the team with anything from equipment set up to court position which has helped JV record 3 match wins this past week.

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