Athletes and Activities Students of the week for October 12

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ACTIVITY                              STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Musical                            Kimmy Schipper                   Responsibility

                                                      Leilani Van Asten                Responsibility

Both have done an amazing job of taking on additional responsibilities for Grease the musical.


ACTIVITY                              STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Student Council           Julia Weiland                        Responsibility

Julia Weiland for all the great work she did with the music in the hallway during homecoming each morning along with coordinating Homecoming events and activities!



SPORT                                  STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Cross Country            Brian Zheng                          Achievement

Brian ran and place 6th at the lomira invitational and ran on Tuesday both events running on an ankle that had a broken bone in it.

  • Cross Country              Kate O’Leary                         Achievement

Kate ran Tuesday and Thursday with an injured back and placing/medaling at the Lomira invitational.


SPORT                                  STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Football-Varsity         David Benishek                     Determination

David displayed a great amount if determination this year. He had the mindset he was going to do whatever it takes for the betterment of the team. David not only reduced kicking duties, which he loves, so kickoff team would better with him has a player who tackled the returner he also worked tirelessly to start on defense and offense. David also played through a very painful nagging injury most of the year.

  • Football-JV            Jake Zimmerman                  Commitment

Jake has displayed a great amount of determination this season. He was asked to move to center this year. at first he was not in favor of the move because he never played the position before but he stuck with it, worked hard everyday, and now is exceptional at the position. The amount of determination Jake has displayed this season will lead to many great things on the field for Jake in the upcoming years.


SPORT                                  STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Soccer-Varsity            Eli Nugent                             Achievement

Eli is having another exceptional year with the Varsity boys soccer team. Eli plays a critical role in our defense where his consistency and work rate are invaluable. Fundamental to our success has been the strength of our defense which has produced 8 shutouts in our last 12 matches. Eli is not only charged with shutting down the most dangerous players on opposing teams, he also plays a big role in our attack.  Nothing scares opponents more than when they see Eli flying up the left side of the field!


  • Soccer-JV              Sam DaSilva                         Commitment

With the JV soccer team in need of a goalkeeper, Sam stepped up. Even though he has never really played that position, Sammy began training with our with our keepers and quickly began building the fundamental skills and techniques. Sam abilities in goal only improved as the season progressed. He kept us in games, and made big saves a critical times – none bigger than a game saving block on a breakaway verses Sheboygan North. His commitment to both the team and his own personal development as a player made Sam a critical contributor to the success of this year’s JV soccer team.


SPORT                                  STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Swim & Dive               Julia Weiland                        Respect

Julia has a way of lighting up the room. She is friendly to every person she comes into contact with. Her laugh is contagious and fantastic. She brings our dive team together with spirit. With her hard work she is accomplishing great dices. She has a great soul and our team is grateful for that.


SPORT                                  STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Tennis                            Sarah Sobecki                       Achievement

Sarah has a long list of achievements during her 4 years as a Blue Bomber. The Senior will close out her impressive high school career this weekend at the WIAA State Tennis Tournament. Sarah is making her third consecutive trip to State, becoming the first girl in Kohler history to win 3 Sectional Championships. Sarah ends her high school career undefeated in conference play, posting 20+ wins each of the past three seasons. Sara has a 71-18 career Varsity record heading into the State Tournament. CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!


SPORT                                  STUDENT                              KOHLER PRIDE

  • Volleyball-Varsity      Sami Renzelmann                 Commitment

Sami is being nominated for being this year’s Varsity senior captain and for finishing her career with over 800 assists at the Varsity level. She has been a steady source of positive energy throughout her years in volleyball and her commitment to the program has remained strong even all the way to the end of her senior season.


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