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April 26 “Kohler Pride: students of the week

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Future Healthcare Pros: Marcella Senti and Ana Twohig (Commitment)
Both Marcella and Ana are being nominated for their commitment, dedication and hard work as these two leaders keep our club running.

VOCE: Kate Coppersmith, (Commitment)
Kate is being nominated for her Commitment, dedication and flexibility to VOCE as we move to the WSMA State Festival.

Baseball: Hunter Fihn, (Commitment & Determination)
Hunter Fihn is being recognized for his commitment and Determination as member of KC baseball. Hunter has not missed a team event since the start of the season and is always giving 100% effort towards getting better personally as well as being a positive influence on setting the teams culture. His determination to learn, ask questions and constantly develop his game is highly valued.

Soccer – Varsity: Elly Udovich, (Commitment & Determination)

Elly Udovich has been a dedicated member of the Varsity Soccer team for 4 years. She is being recognized for her commitment to the team and her determination on the soccer pitch. Elly is a hard worker and a relentless soccer player who never gives up until she has won the ball. In addition to her aggressive defensive skills, she is a key player to our offensive strategy. Every coach and team wants a player like Elly.

Soccer – JV: McKenna Schumacher, (Determination)

McKenna Schumacher has been a member of the JV Soccer team for 2 years. She is being recognized for her determination.  McKenna is determined to be the best soccer player she can be. She has a positive attitude and works hard at practice to continually develop her skills. Recently, as a result of her hard work, McKenna was given the opportunity to join the Varsity team for a tournament. We are looking forward to McKenna’s contributions throughout the remainder of the season.

B. Tennis: Ben Guesneau, (Determination)

Ben is being nominated for his determination on the tennis court this week against USM. Ben fought from a set down to come back and win in a third set tie breaker. This comeback helped Kohler defeat USM 4-3.

B. Track & Field: Max Holmes, (Determination)
Max brings positive energy to every practice. He works hard and always is encouraging others to do the same. Max helps to make our team the best it can be and it showed as we recently won the Big East Conference Relays.

G. Track & Field: Kate O’Leary, (Commitment)
Kate comes to every practice always looking to improve. She is always positive and works hard to be the best runner she can be. Her smile and dedication to the team makes meets and practices enjoyable and worthwhile.

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