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A bathroom and buzzer improves library security

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Kohler Schools and Kohler Public Library work together to improve library security

Submitted by Quynh Trueblood, Superintendent of Schools

The Kohler School Board and the Kohler Public Library Board approved the Library Security Task Force’s plan to improve security for students, staff, and patrons in the shared space. The plan involves the installation of a single unisex bathroom, a security camera and buzzer system to the public library entrance, and fobbed doors to the elementary school.

Construction of the bathroom begins November 26 and is expected to be complete mid-December. During this time, the school program and patron services will continue as usual.Effective January 2019, patrons are to enter the public library through its entrance doors to be buzzed in when students are at school. To enter the schools, individuals must come through the school entrance doors, check in, and wear an ID lanyard. The Golden Rules for school security remain in effect.

See something. Say something.
Check-in and wear an ID lanyard at all times.
No propping doors.No letting friends in.

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