Village View for February, 2019

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Village Meetings Scheduled for February
2/11       Property Committee                                     5:30 pm
2/11     Finance Committee                                        5:30 pm
2/13       Library Board at Kohler Public Library  12:30pm
2/14       Planning Commission                                  4:30 pm
2/18     Village Board                                                    5:30 pm
All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated.

Kohler Village Phone Directory 2019The Village of Kohler is publishing a new village phone directory featuring names, addresses and phone numbers for residents. Only residents that complete a registration form and return it to Village Hall will be printed in the new directory, however if you were listed in the 2018 directory you do not need to complete a new form, unless your information has changed. The directory will only be available in print format and will not be published online. Your information will not be sold or shared with any other party. Paper forms are available and can be returned at the Clerk-Treasurers Office.  You can also sign up online with a link at businesses wishing to advertise in the directory should contact the Clerk-Treasurers Office at 920-459-3873 or for more information.

No Spring Primary in the Village of Kohler
There will not be a Spring Primary, but the Spring Election will be Tuesday, April 2, 2019. For more information about voter registration, absentee voting, acceptable forms of proof of identification or upcoming elections, contact the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 920-459-3873.

Dog and Cat Licenses
All dogs and cats over 5 months of age require licensing. Rabies vaccination certificate is required at time of licensing. Dogs and cats must be licensed by April 1 of each year. Fees are:
Unaltered dog/cat              $12.00
Altered dog/cat                   $  5.00
Late fee                                 $  5.00
Interim Chief Dave Darin and Administrative Assistant Jodie Kuklinski presented the Police Department’s Annual Report to the Village Board on January 21, 2019. The report summarizes the activities of the Police Department for 2018. The report is an easy and enjoyable read. You may view it at

WAKE UP CALL – Presentation
Tuesday – February 26, 2019, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Kohler Memorial Theater

This is a life-size exhibit of a teen’s bedroom with more than 20 “red flags” that can signal drug or alcohol use. The bedroom identifies spots where teens may hide drugs, household items that can be used as drug paraphernalia and ways teens try to cover up drug and alcohol use.
In addition to learning about the various hiding spots and items that may indicate use, audience members learn about the signs and symptoms associated with alcohol and drug abuse, as well as parenting strategies that can help reduce the chances of substance abuse.

Everyone is invited!  You do not have to be a parent or affiliated with the Kohler School District.

Your volunteer fire department responded to 121 calls in 2018; 19 structure fires,12 CO calls, 39 fire alarm calls at homes and businesses, 12 EMS calls, 6 Jaws of Life calls, 8 natural gas leaks, 8 equipment related problems, 6 car fires, 4 grass fires, 4 weather related problems, 2 water rescue calls  and 1 air plane crash. Not all of these calls have been in Kohler. We provide mutual aid to any community that needs help. We are looking for 6-8 more members to join our family of firefighters. If any village resident would be interested in giving back to our community please email me at or call the fire station at 920-459-3876 and leave me a message. Be safe!


To find out if a snow emergency is in effect for the Village, call 459-3881 anytime, or check the Village of Kohler’s website at There is no parking on village streets during a snow emergency. A snow emergency is called when snow accumulation is expected to exceed 6 inches.

Winter is here.  Here are some reminders on the Village of Kohler’s snow removal ordinances and policies.
1.      Please remember to shovel your sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall event.
2.      Do not blow or shovel snow back into the street.
3.      Please remove vehicles from the street when the plows are in operation.


It is the residents’ responsibility to have the snow removed around the mailbox kiosks. The Postal Service will not deliver mail if the carrier is not able to reach the unit – the front as well as the backside. Someone in the neighborhood needs to take the initiative to remove the snow; or the responsibility can be shared.

Residents are cautioned against flushing disposal wipes down the toilet.  Although many wipes are labeled “disposable” or “flushable”, quite often they clog sewer laterals and mains.  The preferred method of disposal is to bag the wipes and place in your garbage receptacle.

Residents are encouraged to store their garbage receptacles in discrete locations.  Ideally they should be stored in a garage.  Other suitable areas include side/back yards, or any other area screened from public view.  Please be reminded that all containers must be stored with the lids securely closed and away from any heat source, such as a grill.

Residents are reminded that garbage/recyclables pickup is on Tuesdays; pickup starts at 7 am in the morning and may last until 5 pm.  Due to driver changes, equipment malfunctions and the like, actual pickup times may change, week to week.  On a related note, if your garbage container is broken (lid cracked, wheel off axle, etc.) please call 459-3881 for repairs.

Residents are reminded to pick up after their pets and to dispose of the waste appropriately.

Building Permits are required for all residential projects involving construction, heating, plumbing and electrical work that has a value greater than $1,000.00.  Home additions, garages, accessory buildings, decks and other exterior modifications need Kohler Co. and Village of Kohler Plan Commission review.  Visit our website at or call the Public Works Department at 459-3881 for more information.

To register for activities or lunch stop at Village Hall, call 920-459-3873 or email

Activities in February
2/2   Journalist & Author Jeanette Hurt at Kohler Experiential Center Noon
2/7   Bowling at Odyssey Fun Center 10:30am
2/9   Sheepshead Tournament at Village Hall 1pm
2/14 Book Club at Kohler Public Library 1pm
2/19 Craft Class Meeting at Village Hall 10:30am
2/21 Bowling at Odyssey Fun Center 10:30am
2/21 VFW Bar & Grill at 11:30am
2/21 Spinners Group at Village Hall 6pm
2/28 Painting Club at Village Hall 1:30pm

Friday lunch at Village Hall
2/1 Pulled Pork
2/8 Spaghetti & meat balls
2/22 Turkey & gravy
Cost is $5 per person.

Exercise Classes
No pre-registration required. Classes are $5 for members or $6 for non-members.
Monday & Wednesday Chair Yoga 8:15am-Village Hall
Monday Therapeutic Yoga 9:30am-Village Hall
Tuesday Core and More 9:30am-Village Hall

Ping Pong
Mondays at Village Hall 1pm. No pre-registration required. Members are free, non-members are $1.

Walkers Club
Wednesdays 8:30am meet in Village Gym (use pool entrance on School Street).

Pickle Ball
Wednesdays at School Gym 6:30pm. No pre-registration required. Members are free, non-members are $1.

The Pool will be Opening for Spring on April 1!
We are looking forward to another busy swim season.

For the following openings make inquiries to: Sonja Heins,

Summer Pool Manager: Lifeguard Certified; must be 18 years of age; previous experience at an aquatic facility; must be responsible, good time-management, organized, & work well with others; will be managing several guards and basket room personnel, staff scheduling, swim lessons and swim team.

Lifeguard: must be responsible, on time, able to work with Children and adults; will be helping to teach swim lessons; must be 16 Years of age; Red Cross Lifeguard Certified; Red Cross WSI Certification recommended – Offering a certification class in Spring.

Basket Room: good customer service skills; able to handle money; problem solver; will be helping to teach Swim Lessons; must be 15 Years of age; First Aide & CPR Certification highly recommended.

Looking for Adults to be Lifeguard Certified
Guard Lap Swim and Water Aerobics, help with Aquatic activities

Hours of Operation for February 1 through 28, 2019: Monday through Friday 3-5:30pm;
Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm.
Open Saturday, February 16 After Hours Event 7:30-11pm
Open Friday, February 25 1-4pm (no school)
Located on School Street, Door 19, right next to the Pool

Looking for something to do? Check out these upcoming events:
WHAT: Winter Get Together and After Hours Event
WHEN: Saturday, February 16, 2019; 7:30-11pm
WHY: A reason to enjoy the winter with a get-together that includes relaxation time, music, open gym, dancing, socializing and fun.
Remember: This event is open to everyone, but please note elementary aged students should be accompanied by a parent; middle and high School students may come on their own. This event will be supervised and staffed, however guests will be able to come and go as they wish throughout the night just like during normal business hours. With the emphasis put on a safe, easy-going place to go to meet your friends and have fun, we look forward to meeting you at our next event.

Save the date:  Spring Get Together and After Hours Event Saturday, April 13 — 7:30-11pm. All Middle and High School Students WELCOME . . . and bring your friends! YES, the pool WILL BE OPEN.

Parents and Students
Looking for a great venue to hold your next kid friendly event, get-together, or birthday party? Remember the Youth Center is available for rent! Contact Rhonda Holland @ 920-207-6537 for more information

Need a quick snack after school or before practice? Need a place to unwind?  How about a quick and easy dinner? At the Kohler Youth Center we offer after school snacks, after school unwind time and a place to meet your friends. Run by Youth Workers/High School Students, WE INVITE YOU to COME ON IN and enjoy an easy-going, fun and comfortable environment.  The Kohler Youth Center, Est. 1956.

How do I find the Youth Center and where is it located?
The Youth Center is located at the Corner of School Street and East Park Lane. We are “sandwiched” in between the Memorial Theater and the Pool. Follow the walkway up to Door 19 and you will see us on your right. The Youth Center can be found on Facebook and Snapchat.
LIKE:  “Kohler Youth Center” on Facebook, ADD:  @kohleruthcenter on Snapchat
Check out our website These pages will keep you informed of upcoming events, happenings, and what’s new! Remember, the Youth Center begins with YOU!  See you soon!

The Village Board approved the following items during their December 17 meeting:
Appointed Christopher Hahn to the Tourism Promotion & Development Committee.
Appointed Paul Bonack to the Planning Commission.
Operator’s licenses as presented.
Temporary Class B beer & wine license to St. John Evangelist Church for 1/20/19.
Ordinance 2018-13, Possession of Tobacco and Vapor Products by Minors.
Hire Youth Center employee.
Resolution 2018-7, Authorizing Borrowing $366,000 from State Trust Fund Loan Program for financing a street project and capital equipment.
October & November 2018 Revenue & Expense Reports, bank reconciliation and journal entries.
2019 Water & Sewer Utility Budgets.
Accept resignation letter from Matt Magle, Department of Public Works.

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