Friday Dec. 21 – Students of the week

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ACTIVITY                                            STUDENT                                KOHLER PRIDE

Future Healthcare Prof.                Marcella Senti                       LeadershipFuture Healthcare Prof.                              Ana Twohig                           Leadership

Marcella and Ana’s leadership and dedication to Future Healthcare Professionals club is commendable; these two are highly committed to this club.

Key Club                                          Kate O’Leary                         Commitment
Key Club                                          Ashley Thyes                         Commitment

Kate and Ashley took on the roles of co-presidents this year for Key Club. They have both worked diligently in seeking out and organizing various service opportunities for the rest of the students in the club. Both have been committed to seeing the group prosper this year by developing new and creative ways to get more of our students involved in service. Kate and Ashley have been great assets to the club in the past and have proven even greater assets in the club’s leadership roles.

Yearbook                                         Tess Trueblood                    Commitment

Tess has never hesitated to step up and help out with our yearbook. She takes photos, interviews athletes, edits pages, and beyond. Without her help our book would not be the success that it is!

ATHLETE                                       STUDENT                                      KOHLER PRIDE
Boys Basketball-Varsity           Nikith Ramagoni                         Determination
Boys Basketball-Varsity           Tyler Ruminski                            Determination

Both Tyler and Nikith have had a great impact on the early season success of the Blue Bombers this season. They are practicing at a very high energy level and are the leaders in practice. This energy and effort are contagious for the players around them. Having players who value their role on the team like this has made for competitive practices and raised our overall level of energy and play.  This has turned into a 5-1 early season record for the Blue Bombers.

Boys Basketball-JV2                Grant Cunliffe-Owen                  Commitment

Grant has shown great leadership and commitment. When several key players were missing due to illness Grant stepped up and had his best game of the season both in achievement and leadership. Grant is emerging as an important member of the boys basketball program.

Girls Basketball-Varsity           Izzy O’Donnell                             Achievement

Izzy is a lockdown defender that is asked to defend the other teams best ball handler. Izzy understands the importance of the role and really relishes getting after her assignment. In addition, Izzy is starting to find her role in our offense as a distributor of the ball and a slasher that can get behind the defense. Izzy’s continued growth as a player makes her an invaluable teammate and gives us another threat on offense.

Girls Basketball-JV                   Natalie Udovich                           Achievement

Natalie is a multi-faceted player that can defend on the perimeter and inside while being one of the team’s leading rebounders.  On the offensive end, Natalie can score inside and out and does an excellent job of finding open teammates.  Due to Natalie’s strong performance in the first third of the season, we are looking forward to her contributions on both JV and Varsity for the remainder of the season.

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