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350+ Small Works of Art affordable for everyone

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Hundreds of original artworks on one wall! For only $20 each! (See sample art gallery below)

With thanks to the more than 150 artists who contributed, SVA – The Sheboygan Visual Artists – announced that they have topped their goal. More than 350 Small Works will be available at the “Original Art for Everyone” event on Friday July 27th at EBCO ArtWorks, 1201 Erie Avenue in Sheboygan WI 53081.

Small Works are original art creations in a variety of mediums, including paintings, photographs, molded paper, even pottery, fabric, glass, and jewelry.  “We chose 8  x 10 inches for the two-dimensional pieces so they would be convenient for folks to frame and display, to take home or even give to friends, relatives, or customers,” explains Dorothy Block, Co-Chair of SVA’s Small Works Project.  “And to make them affordable for nearly anyone” adds Naomi Borgenhagen, her Co-Chair for Canvases.  “Normally, work by some of these artists could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars”.

Members of SVA are selling Claim Tickets for $20 each.  Tickets also are conveniently available at Lakeshore Art Supply, 1212 North 8th Street in Sheboygan, or online at  On the day of the event, tickets will be available at the door for $25 each if any remain.

Images of most of this year’s Small Works may be previewed on Facebook at sheboygan visual artists: small works project.

On Friday, July 27th, patrons will go to EBCO ArtWorks between 5 and 9 pm (Note:  opening 1 hour later than previous years) to redeem each Claim Ticket for a randomly-selected Small Work.  “Then the fun begins!” promises Michelle Sohn, Co-Chair for tickets. “If you like your Small Work, guard it with your life.  If you covet another, you might negotiate a trade with fellow patron. Or instantly select any Small Work you want from our Trading Wall.”

“This is the most fun you can have in an art gallery anywhere!

“In the end, everyone wins,” claim the organizers, “because everyone gets a piece of original art and the proceeds support SVA programs and art-in-the-community projects.”

New this year:  a Live Auction at 7:30 pm of 15 separate artworks. “Although these were created by some of SVA’s most accomplished artists, we set really affordable starting bid prices” claims Tim Ebenreiter, the other Co-Chair. “Our philosophy is ‘Original Art for Everyone!’”

As a bonus, more than 60 artworks from SVA’s “Cultural Diversity” show will be on display in the main gallery.

SVA is a growing and active network of visual artists and supporters that enriches the community through the visual arts. We exist to:

  • Empower visual artists through professional development and collaboration
  • Create opportunities for the community to experience and enjoy the visual arts
  • Promote member artists and their work

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